Home Extension projects

Benefits of Home Extensions

Many homeowners entrust Connect Construction with their building requirements. If you are ready to expand you home, you can get exited to:

Enjoy modern upgrades

Give you more living space and more rooms for your growing family

Stay comfortable in your beloved home while enhancing the space

Increasing the value of your home

Your Dream Home Extensions

You have a growing family, and you want to improve the way you live your life.

An extension will provide a seamless transition between old and new – and you won’t have to endure the hassle that come with relocating.

The options are only limited by what you want to achieve and the budget you are allocating.

Our years of experience in successfully building home extensions of every size and for different purposes have made us realised that our mission of transforming beautiful homes goes beyond the completion of each project.

Single-Storey Extensions

One of the most popular and least costly kinds of extensions, this involves building a single storey room (or rooms) onto the side ore rear of the home. Relatively simple project which can have a huge impact. Extending your living space onto a patio and opening your home up to the garden.

An emerging trend among homeowners is the construction of a granny flat. It can be used as a:

  • Home Office
  • Studio
  • Teenager’s retreat
  • Home for elderly parents
  • Source of income as a rental property

Patios and Outdoor Spaces

Bringing the outdoors in and optimising the flow of a home toward outdoor spaces is highly desirable for many homeowners. The creation of outdoor entertaining areas ar popular projects.

A functional, stylish outdoor space will serve your family and friends for years to come and ensure return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.

A well-built patio provides a transition zone to the outdoors that encourages family members to sprawl outside and welcomes guests to a beautiful entertainment venue.

Your home and family will benefit from the ability to throw open the doors to the fresh air and spend some quality time outside.


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