Home Renovation Services

Bathroom Renovation

This is the key area in your house to really add value to your property.

Construction Management

Connect Construction takes responsibility for managing the project for the client by:

  • Liaising with the client / owner on design & material advice.
  • Managing the end to end project.
  • Providing post construction follow-up and feedback.

See below for a list of constuction projects we can manage for you:


Ceilings: Plastered and Suspended

A relatively small change with plastered ceilings and designer cornices will make a huge difference to the appeal of your property.


Tiling your complete home, selected rooms and replacing carpet with tiles. Tiling with 1 tile throughout creates flow and enhances the appeal of your property.

Boundary Walls and Fencing

Includes building brick walls, erecting palisades as well as the latest trend in clear view fencing.

Pool Installations

Call us for new pool installations. We provide design and construction services for splash pools, swimming pools, rim flow pools and more.


Various options from budget paving to high end to impress on the entrance of your property.

Garage Extensions and Additions

Adding garages or granny flats

Full or Partial Renovations

We can renovate your complete home or just the areas you like to upgrade.

Replace Aluminium Windows and Doors

Replace the old rusting high maintenance steel windows and doors with attractive low cost aluminium frames.